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About the Department

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The department is one of the oldest and largest in the nation. Created after the establishment of Concordia University by the merger of the Loyola Computer Science Department (established in 1970) and the Sir George Williams Department of Computer Science (established in 1972), the Loyola Computer Science Department was the first to offer a Computer Science degree program in Quebec. The department is now part of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science.


We offer degree programs in Computer Science as well as in Software Engineering. Two different Masters Degree programs are available. One is based on thesis work and the other entirely on course work. We have a dynamic doctoral program and a Graduate Diploma program geared for retraining graduates from other disciplines into computer science. We serve both full time and part-time student communities, and offer suitable financial assistance in the form of bursaries and sholarships. We are very proud of the unique orientation of our academic programs – practical and flexible with lasting foundational knowledge, matching well with the needs of today’s information technology driven society. We have over 1000 undergraduate students and over 600 graduate students studying in our department.


We have 37 full-time faculty members, several emeritus professors, as well as adjunct professors and part-time faculty. The department is supported by a dedicated administrative staff team. Combined, our faculty members receive over a million dollars in research grants from federal, provincial and industrial sources. More about research.


The computing facilities are broadly classified into teaching and research-oriented. The teaching labs are used by both undergraduate and graduate students for their course work. In addition, several research groups and labs performing innovative and cutting-edge research are housed in the new Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex.


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