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Graduate Summer 2010 2011

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COMP6411: Comparative Study of Programming Languages Course Notes
LECT CC M-W---- 18:30 21:00 FG B050 Mokhov, S. EAS Enabled
COMP6591: Introduction to Knowledge-Base Systems Course Notes
LECT AA M-W---- 18:30 21:00 H 521 Shiri, N.  
SOEN6611: S/W Measurement:: Theory & Practice  
LECT AA M-W---- 18:30 21:00 H 423 Kamthan, P. EAS Enabled
SOEN6771: User Interdev. Tools & Tech  
LECT CC -T-J--- 18:30 21:00 H 431 Kamthan, P. EAS Enabled

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